Tenants and Guidelines

IC Guidelines

          All brethren must be of the age of majority and free from the debt of slavery.

          All brethren must be willing to defend the towns of their faction from the depredations of unlawful raiders.

          All brethren must maintain and protect the secrets of the Order.

          All brethren must provide aid to their fellows within the Order when it is within their power to do so.

          All brethren must be willing to trust and submit to the commands of the officers.

          All brethren must treat those of inferior rank with respect and remain worthy of their trust.

OOC Guidelines

          All members are expected to follow the server policies established by Blizzard and remain “in character” in /say and /yell. That means that “leet speak” is prohibited in all public channels. Though members are encouraged to create backgrounds and establish a specific personality for their character, this is by no means a requirement for membership. We’re not RP elitists, we’ll accept anyone as long as they at least make the attempt to remain in character in public channels.
          Try to avoid speaking in OOC in /say and /yell, but if it becomes necessary, use the double-parens convention. When possible, use whispers if you must convey OOC information to a single individual.
          /Party chat is generally considered OOC, unless someone in your party initiates IC conversation there. If there are non-Guildies in your party, please explain this when they join the group, as many other guilds do it differently.

Guild chat
          All members are asked to remain “in character” in guild chat as much as possible, using double parentheses “(( hey, anyone having problems logging in? ))” when you must speak OOC in guild chat. The “official” guild storyline is that your hearthstone is attuned to other members of the guild, which allows you to speak to them vocally as a group, determine their general location (zone), know what the Guild Message of the Day is, etc (basically all the functions you receive on your guild screen).  Communication through your hearthstone is vocal, so feel free to add background noises and such as necessary, but try to avoid non-vocal communication.
           For those interested in chatting with your friends in the guild OOC, we have a channel established for any witty banter you might have. That channel is “ShroudedOOC.” Regular members may elect to join this channel or not, depending on their tastes. Officers are asked to join this channel to help avoid or manage any unnecessary arguments or problems that might arise. Since everything in ShroudedOOC is considered “out of character”, there is no need for the double-parens.
           Guild chat will be policed by officers and the guidelines here generally enforced. In our OOC channel, anything goes. So if you are of faint of heart, don’t want to hear the banter or are easily offended, it is not recommend that you join it.

          Guild members are expected to log in to their characters at least once every 14 days. If there is a situation where you need to be gone for longer than that, please notify an officer and you will not be kicked. Those who do not log in for more than 14 days without notice will be removed from the Guild in Good Standing. If they later wish to return, they will be re-invited into the guild and promoted to their previous rank.           Officers who are reinvited after disappearing for more than 14 days will be promoted no higher than Brother or Sister without special permission of the leadership of the Guild.

          All members are expected to join our forums and are encouraged to participate in discussions there. While participation is not a requirement, you should at least attempt to review our forums at least once a week for any important announcements or plans that are being discussed there.

          When you are playing with others, you represent the other members of the Guild. All members are expected to play honorably and respect other players. Your RP may not be particularly honorable, but you should never be involved in griefing, corpse camping, flag jumping or ninja looting. Doing any of these things may be grounds for immediate dismissal.

          Those who wish to participate in PvP are encouraged to do so, but attacking Horde settlements or flagged individuals in Horde or Neutral territory is against the purpose of the Guild. Involvement in Battlegrounds and defense of cities under attack are promoted. Attacking an unarmed or seated Horde should be avoided; unless it is obvious they are being aggressive. We do not attack Horde who are conducting themselves peacefully, even if they are in Alliance capital cities visiting with Alliance friends.