Ranks are awarded based on merit and availability of the position within each Division.  The decision to promote within a division is made by the leader of that Division, with the advise of the officers of that Division.  Promotion to the Inner Council is decided by the Grand Master, under advice from the existing Inner Council.


          All new members must first spend a period of time as an Initiate.  All Initiates are expected to obey the orders of full members of any rank and to strictly follow the tenants of the Order.  Initiates are not permitted to request items from the Guild Bank or lead guild parties and raids without express permission of a Councilor or all individuals within the party or raid.  The Initiation period can be waived by special permission of the Inner Council for Allied Members who wish to become Full Members.

Becoming an Initiate

          To become an Initiate of the Shrouded Dawn, you must request an interview with an Officer or Councilor of the Order.  You will be asked by a Councilor, either during the interview or before being invited into the Order, for the names of any alternate characters you play or have played regularly.  Pending discussion by the Inner Council, you will either be invited at the next full meeting or your request will be denied.  Initiates of the Order must be of at least ten seasons (this may be waived by members of the Council for alternates of current members).


(Professors, Agents and Guardsmen)

          Brethren of the Shrouded Dawn are considered full members and are privy to its secrets and operations. Each of the Brethren are a part of one of the three Divisions within Shrouded Dawn and must obey not only the tenants of the Order, but any tenants that apply to their specific Division.  All members of Brethren rank and above have equal access to the Guild Bank and full members may request items from the Guild bank for any alternates they have in the Order..

Promotion to Brethren

          To receive promotion to Brethren, you must register on the forums and be of at least twenty seasons in your chosen profession.  Once meeting these requirements, you may request an interview with an officer of the division.  If you are approved for promotion, you will be promoted at the next full meeting of the Order.


(Deans, Operatives and Sergeants)

          Officers of the Order have shown themselves to not only be loyal members of the Order, but have displayed a particular skill in their chosen class, propensity towards leadership and the ability to operate independently.  Officers will be expected to periodically lead guild events, parties and/or raids, as appropriate to their division, and to provide guidance and advice to lower-ranked members of the Order.  Officers are given an Opulent Stone with which they may communicate with other officers within the Order (i.e. they are granted access to the officer channel in-game) and may conduct interviews for new recruits, if a Divisional Staff Officer or Divisional Leader is unavailable.

Promotion to Officer

          To receive promotion to an Officer of your division, you must request an interview with your Divisional Staff Officers or Divisional Leader.  The matter will be discussed by your Division Officers with the possible advice of the Inner Council.  If it is decided that you are to receive a promotion, it will be conducted by your Divisional Leader (or a Divisional Staff Officer, if the Commander must be absent) at the next Full Meeting


Divisional Staff Officers
(Rector(s), Director(s), Lieutenant(s) )

          Divisional Staff Officers are members of Officer or Councilor rank who have been granted a special title (as opposed to an in-game rank) to identify special duties within their Division.  Divisional Staff Officers are considered "in command" of a Division in the absence of its Divisional Leader and are expected to act in his stead for Divisional Events that he is unable to attend.  Divisional Officers will be asked to periodically lead and organize Division Events.

Promotion to Divisional Staff Officer

          To receive promotion to Divisional Staff Officer, you must request an interview with your Divisional Leader.  The matter will be discussed by the Inner Council, if the Divisional Leader feels it necessary.  If it is decided that you are to receive the title, it will be conducted by your Divisional Leader or a Councilor (if the Commander must be absent) at the next Full Meeting.

Divisional Leaders
(Headmaster, Master, Commander )

          Divisional Leaders are Councilors who have agreed to take on the responsibility of leading a Division.  Like Divisional Staff Officers, this is not an in-game rank, but a special title to reflect the responsibilities of the Councilor.  Divisional Leaders are responsible for organizing Divisional Events, coordinating with allied guilds, and the general organization of their Division, including promotions within their Division.

Promotion to Divisional Leader

          Divisional Leaders will be chosen by discussion of the Inner Council and must be a current Councilor to be considered for the position.  As Councilors, Divisional Leaders must be at least 50 seasons.  Promotion to Divisional Leader will only be considered when a position is vacant.

The Inner Council

          The Council is comprised of the officers of the Order and each are given an Opulent Stone used to communicate with officers and other Councilors in the Order. Each Councilor has one vote, when a vote of the Council is called for by policy or the Grand Master. Councilors are expected to be skilled in the operation of their class and others, promote communication both within the Order and without, handle discipline of Brethren where necessary and assist in coordination between Divisions. When the Grand Master is not available, the Councilors are expected to cooperatively lead the Guild and act in his stead.

Promotion to the Inner Council

          To receive promotion to the Inner Council, you must request an interview with the Grand Master.  Councilors must have at least 50 seasons in their chosen field.  After consulting with the current members of the Inner Council, the Grand Master will determine if promotion is appropriate.  It is extremely rare that we promote someone to the Inner Council and it is currently considered full.  If a member of the Inner Council vacates his rank, we will then consider a replacement on the Council from current membership of officer rank who meet the season requirements..

Grand Master
(Grand Master)

          The Grand Master is the ultimate authority within the Order. The Grand Master can veto or reverse any decision made by the Council and discipline Brethren as needed, in addition to his duties contributing to Shrouded Dawn and maintaining the overall health of the Order.

Promotion to Grand Master

          Don't even think about it.


Allied Member
(Visiting Professors, Special Agents and Auxiliaries)

          Information Pending.

Becoming an Allied Member

          Information Pending.