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          Title: Anglachel
          Tools: Moray, POV-Ray, SPatch, Paint Shop Pro
          Artist's Notes: This piece was inspired by a character in my Dungeons & Dragons game, played by Mary Rogers. The original idea was a black-skinned elf, called a drow, who had been rescued from her evil homeland by dwarves (hence the axe-pendant). The cloak, head, hair, and body were constructed with SPatch and materials applied with Moray. I decided to go with a purplish flesh color, as dark gray didn't show up well and black wouldn't show up at all. The pendant is a height-field, the basis of which was created in Paint Shop Pro (the eye coloration was also created using Paint Shop Pro). I used a red sphere (behind the camera) and cut up the reflection properties of the eyes to give them the red sheen.