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Player Types Defined

          Powergamer: Someone who plays for the power and creates the most powerful character they can, regardless of the role playing reasons behind it. Take a thief in 3E who catches a couple levels of fighter to get the extra feats or a fighter who catches a couple levels of thief for the skills. Basically, doing things out of character because they make the character more powerful. Victory isn't as significant as creating the "correct" assemblage of abilities to make the character as powerful as possible at any given level. Will talk about the weather with an NPC only if it will somehow improve his character (maybe a new contact can be generated or they'll provide a magic item or something).
          Role Player: Someone who plays because they enjoy portraying a role. Attributes, magic items, etc. aren't nearly as important as the personality of the character that is being portrayed. Can talk about the weather with NPCs for no greater reason than discussing the weather.
          Roll Player: Someone who plays because they want to "win" the game. I agree that these are often novice players and most will develop into one of the other three categories. To them, table top RPGing is little different from a video game and they have a hard time dealing with anything not covered by the rules. If they were to discuss the weather with an NPC, they'd want to make a Wilderness Lore check first to try to predict tomorrow's weather, followed by a Diplomacy check to see how well they did at convincing the NPC of their findings.
          Munchkin: Someone who plays because they want to "win" and magic items are the only way to get there. Basically a Roll Player who develops too many Powergaming tendencies without realizing that only a well-rounded character will get truly powerful. These are the peole who don't think a character is playable unless he has at least three eighteens and a girdle of storm giant strength.
          I'm likely 95% role player, 5% "other" (only because it would be cheesy to say I'm 100% role player).