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Priestess of Betshaba
          One of the priestesses of Betshaba in Eisenstaadt, Sister Abigail counseled Roxanne while the Whelps were investigating Geldamar there.

Agadore Winthrop
Master Magiarch of the Malachite League, Headmaster of the Royal College in Eisenstaadt, Minister of Divination
          Agadore Winthrop was once a powerful voice in Valduran before the region was ceded to the dwarves. His influence declined quickly when the human nobility lost their land to the dwarves, though any bitterness that he may have over the situation was well hidden. As Headmaster of what was still called the Royal College in Eisenstadt (despite no longer being in the Kingdom of Adanar), he was responsible for overseeing the training of apprentices of the Malachite League and was known to be a strict disciplinarian.
Winthrop was Headmaster of the Royal College when Agni Rafezzi studied there under Geldamar and other scholars of the League. After the murder of Geldamar at the hands of the Manslayer or one of his servants, Agni and his fellow Whelps brought Geldamar's body before Headmaster Winthrop in the hopes of garnering assistance in bringing his murderer to justice and preventing the disaster that Geldmar had warned of before his death. Though initially conciliatory, Winthrop chastised Rafezzi privately and initiated an inquiry into Agni's involvement in Geldamar's death.
          Agadore is known to be a powerful wizard of the Malachite League and is sometimes able to use his spells to force people to speak only the truth when in his presence.

Alexander Crownguard
          A self-proclaimed paladin of Vortumnus, Alexander claimed to be from a land known as Koramia farther away than anyone seemed to have knowledge of. Apparently contacted by Geldamar before his murder, Alexander ended up waiting for the wizard in the wrong tavern in Futterscharte and if it wasn't for the fortuitous arrival of the Whelps on their way to Eisenstaadt with Geldamar's remains, Alexander likely would have never met his future companions.
          Though there was some question as to whether he was honest in his claims, Alexander did nothing to suggest that he was untrue. After the incident with Rothgapharius at the Inn of the Crossroads, Alexander gave chase to the doppelganger and his companion, though the paladin was unsuccessful in capturing them.

Alphonse Ricco
          A wealthy feed merchant in Eisenstaadt, Alphonse was one of the merchants who was willing to invest in the Rafezzi bid for the throne in Eeridia.

Artegil Boranstir
Mage Lord Magi Artegil Boranstir, Scholar of Heraldry and Histories
          One of the judges involved in the inquiry into Agni Rafezzi's involvement in the death of Geldamar at the Royal College of Eisenstaadt.

          A pseudonym of Simone.

Belgard Throen
          Majordomo of Godfrey Maganas' estate, Belgard entertained the Whelps when Master Maganas invited them to dinner at his home. He was evasive about the mental state and location of Maganas' daughter, Gaila, but the group found out through various means that she lived just outside of Eisenstaadt in her own home.

Black Knight, The
          The entity that murdered Geldamar, he is either a servant of the Manslayer or Manslayer himself.


          Owner of the circus in which Quinn and Morag used to perform, his circus was at Kreuzung when the Whelps stopped in the town on their way to Zaubersturm. Morag dissuaded Quinn from visiting his old friends, reporting that his experiences with the Circus were not always the best.


          A bandit leader in the wilds of the Borderlands, Brocca's group prepared to ambush the Whelps while they were travelling from Zaubersturm to Beilberg after retrieving the first "piece" that had been prophesied by Gaila Maganas. Soon after asking the Whelps for their "taxes," Hank "the Black," who had become a member of his group, claimed that the Whelps were his friends and Brocca decided to let them go unchallenged.


          A member of the mysterious Rovers, Cedrick approached the Whelps while they were encamped on the Falgaran Road east of Kreuzung. After attempting to identify himself to Maggie, who wore an identical cloak that she had received at birth, he departed, having apparently recognized an ornate key that Maggie wore around her neck.

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The Faceless Killer
          Presumably one of Manslayer's minions, the Faceless Killer murdered several people that were presumably former contacts of Geldamar between Kreuzung and Eisenstaadt. The list of successful kills included the Koramian, Lorael of the Iron Band, and Hector in Kreuzung (though it was later discovered that a friend of Hector's named Charlie had been the one to fall under the Faceless Killer's knife); the bartender at the Inn at the Crossroads; and a prostitute named Giselle in Eisenstaadt. The face of each victim had been flayed from their skulls.

Gaila Maganas
Mage of the Watchful Order of the Shrouded Dawn

          A mage of the Watchful Order of the Shrouded Dawn, Gaila is the only known Augur to currently call Eisenstaadt home. The daughter of Godfrey Maganas, Gaila is something of an embarrassment to the family as she has often been seen wandering the streets of Eisenstaadt spouting portents to any who listen. The Whelps sought her out in hopes of finding out more information on the past, and therefore the murder, of the wizard Geldamar.
          They found her spacious, mountain-side home on the outskirts of Eisenstaadt and, after receiving no answer at the door, entered and found her in the garden. Her use of mind-altering herbs had severely altered her perceptions, but the conversation was still fruitful. The Whelps discovered that she was trained in the Art in Oridal and, more significantly, had been involved in Geldamar's introduction and training within the Watchful Order. Gaila gave somewhat incoherent portents to each of the Whelps which, for the most part, were not surprising. When she attempted to provide a portent for Quinn, however, she was amazed to relate that the fates seemed to have no hold over him.
          She was eventually asked to view the events that lead up to Geldamar's death, which she did using her fishpond as an augury device. As the vision continued, she suddenly became very afraid, claiming that the Black Knight had seen her. Though it would seem impossible, the Black Knight saw her through time and magic and his glare pierced her very soul. The Whelps then planned to take her to a temple of Baelthor when Rafezzi used his magic to remove the inebriating effects of her intoxicants, she became irritated and much less useful in her craft. Niccolo escorted her back to her home and, as he was leaving, she announced cryptically that the "first piece of the puzzle" was at Zaubersturm. Not quite knowing what to expect, the group eventually resolved to follow her advice.
          When the group attempted to return to Gaila's manse, they found her under the influence of the druid Xorrin, who later kidnapped the Augur and brought her before the Manslayer. Her current whereabouts are unknown, but presumably Thet.

Geldamar (deceased)
The Janos Mountains and Valduran
Master of the Malachite League, Master of the Fellowship of the Golden Quill, Apprentice of the Watchful Order of the Shrouded Dawn
          Geldamar was a very private wizard who nevertheless made many friends across Feyworld. From his hidden tower deep in the Janos Mountains, he was known by some to be investigating life-magic. Also a scholar at the Royal College in Eisenstaadt, the capital of Valduran, he taught young Agni Rafezzi, among other apprentices, the practice of magic.
          Geldamar gathered the Whelps together in the small village of Futterscharte, making vague references to the reports of his fellow Augurs that Thet would soon come to dominate the region, finally defeating Valduran and potentially, the other free peoples of the region. He made further mention of a prophecy concerning those assembled immediately before he was slain by a man in dark armor wielding a seven-part rod. As he died, he made mention of someone named "the Manslayer" who had come and that this being could only be killed by a being born neither or man nor woman. After dying, his body quickly began to decay, as if from accelerated age.
          Geldamar's remains were taken by the Whelps to the Royal College in Eisenstaadt. Headmaster Agadore Winthrop seemed uninterested in prying too hard into Geldamar's death, though he seemed singularly interested in part Agni Rafezzi played in the events surrounding the murder.

          Alexander Crownguard's trusted steed, the beast apparently has an aversion to magic, which was the reason given for why Alexander could not accompany the Whelps into the Royal College at Eisenstaadt.

Godfey Maganas
          Prosperous owner of the Maganas Shipping House and father of the Augur Gaila Maganas, Godfrey was approached by Agni Rafezzi under the pretense of desiring a business relationship, with the hopes of meeting his daughter. Agni and his companions were invited to dine at his estate in Eisenstaadt, though Godfrey would not be present at the dinner. When the Whelps attended the dinner, they were met by Belgard Throen, Godfrey's majordomo, who dined with them. Through various means, the group discovered the location of Gaila's estate. Godfrey and Agni met the following morning, but no promises were made as to future business dealings.
          Later, Agni Rafezzi was able to convince Maganas to invest in the elder Rafezzi's bid for the Eeridian throne. Maganas confessed that his primary interest was in gaining troop support for Valduran after the rebellion was over.

Gregory Highbrook
          A trade merchant in Eisenstaadt, Gregory Highbrook was one of the merchants that Agni Rafezzi convinced to invest in the elder Rafezzi's bid for the throne in Eeridia.


"The Black"
          A young potential adventurer, Hank the Black (who, he insists, is not black) approached the Whelps while they were waiting in the Drowning Cod for Quinn and his contact to negotiate information about Geldamar's Quest. Hank's efforts at joining the group were foiled by several practical jokes, which resulted in him rolling in mud outside the Cod and screaming in fear as he ran to the nearest temple. His current whereabouts are unknown.
          Later, while the group was travelling in the wilds of the Borderlands after having retrieved the first "piece" from Zaubersturm, the Whelps again crossed paths with Hank. He had joined a group of bandits under the leadership of Brocca after having lost a bet and they had set him to work washing their clothes. He rejoined the party briefly, during which time they attempted to explain to him that his warped arrows were not magical and eventually just switched them for undamaged arrows. The group left him in Kreuzung in their rush to reach Eisenstaadt on the trail of the Faceless Killer.

          A former contact of Geldamar's, Hector approached Quinn Ramos and offered to continue to send information on anything "unusual" to group at the Rose in Futterscharte. It is believed that the Faceless Killer attempted to assassinate Hector, but succeeded only in killing someone named Charlie. Hector has not made an effort to correct the erroneous identification of the body by the Kreuzung authorities.

          A scout in Brocca's group of bandits, Henry saw a noble, presumably Agni Rafezzi, riding on horseback away from Zaubersturm.

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Koramian, The
          A dusty man with thin blonde hair wearing a brown cloak over tarred leather armor who approached Alexander while the Whelps were resting in the Drowning Cod Inn in Kreuzung. After speaking with him privately, Alexander reported that the Koramian was a servant of his father's. According to the Koramian, Alexander's father had come to Adanar in search of his son and was imprisoned there for heresy. Alexander excused himself from the group to return to Adanar with the Koramian to secure the release of his father.

Kormac Goldenkrone
Herzog of Beilkreis
          Herzog of Beilkreis, Kormac of Clan Goldenkrone invited Maggie Oreson and the other Whelps to his home in Beilberg to inform them that he was one of Geldamar's contacts and would now be sending the information that Geldamar had requested to them. He listened carefully to the information that the group had gathered so far, but did not take any further actions to assist them on their quest.

Lorael (Deceased)
Wizard of the Iron Band
          A Wizard of the Iron Band, apparently not popular with her Guild, who was murdered by the Faceless Killer in Kreuzung. Captain Richert Brennan, who informed the Whelps of her murder, mentioned that she was not a member of the Watch. Hector suggested that she may have been a contact of Geldamar's.

Manslayer, The
          A previously unknown entity mentioned by Geldamar with his last breath, it was presumed that Manslayer was either the being that murdered the wizard or had sent the black knight to kill him. Little else is known about this adversary, except that he can only be killed by one born of neither man nor woman.

          A feline of unknown origin that looks not dissimilar to a mountain lion, Mica is the constant companion and protector of Maggie Oreson. Her ability to breathe fire and high intelligence seems to be the only thing that differentiates her from a normal mountain lion.

Morak the Murderer
a.k.a. Theodore
          Morak the Murderer was the half-orc companion of Quinn Ramos before the two joined up with the Whelps at Geldamar's request. The strong-man at the circus that he and Quinn used to work at, Morak's strength is obviously tremendous, almost inhuman. Though he initially played up his "orcishness" when he first met the group, he has since shown himself to be quite intelligent and highly protective of his younger friend. When Quinn was almost killed by Rothgapharius or his companion at the Inn of the Crossroads, Morak stayed with him until he fully recovered from the incident.

Olaf Goldenkrone
Captain of the Watch
          A dwarven officer of the guard in Eisenstaadt, Olaf was summoned when Agni, Gunther, Maggie and Alexander were detained under suspicion of banditry while chasing Rothgapharius and Phaeron. After a very quick interrogation, Olaf freed the three and provided assistance in their search.

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          The shape-shifting partner of the thief Rothgapharius, Phaeron seduced Quinn at the Inn of the Crossroads before stabbing him in the back while in his bed (and, it was later revealed, killing him, though he quickly recovered). She escaped with Rothgapharius after they stole several items from the Whelps and, changing her appearance often, made her way to Eisenstaadt, where the group lost track of her and her companion.

          A wizard capable of teleportation, he suddenly appeared in the Whelps' camp after they had successfully escaped the halls beneath Zaubersturm. He informed them that his scrying pool had been somehow altered to only show them for the last several days and he was trying to find out exactly why. When the Whelps produced a circlet that they had found beneath Zaubersturm, he identified it as an item that would protect against psychic assault, but that such an item had not been used in centuries, as the secrets to training in psychic abilities had long been lost. He also told them that he was likely one of the few people in the world who would know that. Hoping that his identification of the item would return his scrying pool to normal he teleported home. As he has not yet attempted to contact the group again, it is safe to assume that this is true.

Richert Brennan
Captain of the Watch
          The man in charge of investigating the "Faceless Killer" murders in Kreuzung, he briefly detained the Whelps on evidence that they were associated with the unknown man killed northeast of town (the Koramian). He informed them of who had been killed in the spree, but would not give specific details.

          Rothgapharius is the presumed name of the thief who assaulted the Inn at the Crossroads. While he was there, many of the patrons' free will was suppressed, to the point that few of them even had an interest in leaving the Inn. When the Whelps stayed overnight there, some of them feel under his spell while Quinn was seduced by Rothgapharius' shape-shifting partner, who identified herself as Phaeron. After attacking Quinn (it was later revealed that Quinn was actually killed in the assault, but for some reason was able to reform himself), the duo stole various items from the group before departing for Eisenstaadt. Agni, Gunther, Maggie and Alexander gave chase, only to be given the slip more than once.
          Once the four reached Eisenstaadt, they were arrested by the guard under suspicion of banditry. It was revealed that Rothgapharius and Phaeron had misinformed the guards to buy themselves more time. After the group was released from custody, they searched various locales in Eisenstaadt for Rothgapharius and, though they often felt very close to confronting him, he eventually escaped altogether.
          According to reports, Rothgapharius wore a wide-brimmed black hat, a long cloak, and leather armor with silver studs. He carried an ornate axe made of bluish metal, likely mithryl. Those who saw him, however, all reported that they did not get a good look at his features, presumably a power of his.

Master of the Order of the Shrouded Dawn
          According to Gaila Maganos, she introduced Geldamar to Master Rusalos, who trained him in the divinatory arts of the Augurs.

Salvaza Morwinyon
          Salvaza Morwinyon, a "close relative" of Niccolo Morwinyon and a member of the Thesh military, encountered the Whelps while they were searching the bowels of Zaubersturm for the mysterious "first piece" that Gaila Maganas had foreseen. She was leading a group of strange, grey-skinned dwarves that had mined into the ancient tunnels and fought against the group until she recognized Niccolo. The fighting immediately stopped and, after a short conversation with Niccolo, the two of them killed the last remaining dwarves. She told the group that Manslayer had ordered her to mine beneath Zaubersturm to find some "item," for which he provided no description. Her orders were clear and disobeying them would likely result in her death, but Niccolo convinced her not to attempt to steal the "piece," when it was found. She proved herself in battle thereafter with the group, but she obviously cared little for anyone but Niccolo. She chose to remain with the group upon its return into Valduran, despite the difficulties that such an action might entail.

Sigfreid Oreson
Fodder Notch

          Maggie Oreson's grandfather, as well as a smith and ranger, Sigfreid trained Niccolo Morwynion in the craft of the woodsman.


          An associate of Niccolo Morwynion, she was squatting in his tower in Futterscharte when the Whelps returned from their quest for the prophesied "first piece." After some initial concern, Niccolo agreed to let her stay. While Niccolo was training under Sigfreid Oreson, Agni Rafezzi came to his tower and failed in his attempt to gain her affections. Frustrated with his failure, he attempted to use a charm spell to gain her affections. She resisted the spell, but a price was put on Rafezzi's head as a result of his failed attempt to rape her.

Skjalg Goldenkrone
Under the Janos Mountains

Konig of the Janos Mountain Dwarves
          Skjalg is king of the dwarves of the Janos mountains and personally sent Gunter Intiefen to assist Geldamar on his quest.

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Warden, The
Archmage Warden of the Order of the Sword in Valduran
          When the Whelps came to Zaubersturm to investigate the prophecy of Gaila Maganas, the Warden met with them briefly to inform them of a network of tunnels recently discovered beneath the castle. He told them that they could investigate the tunnels, which were likely several millennia old, but warned that once the pending army of Thet arrived to besiege the castle, the tunnels would be collapsed whether they had returned or not.

Wilhelm Rath

Chamberlain to the Herzog of Beilkreis
          Human chamberlain to Herzog Kormac of Clan Goldenkrone, Wilhelm greeted the Whelps when they were invited to the Herzog's home in Beilberg and gave them advice on how to behave themselves while in attendance.

Wulfgar Schmiedhammer
The Brandished Arms Inn

          A dwarven smith at the Barndished Arms Inn, on the Lecrean Road southeast of Kreuzung. Gunther and Maggie watched as he forged when the Whelps stayed overnight at the Inn while on their way to Zaubersturm.


          Calling himself a druid, Xorrin attempted to prevent the Whelps from meeting with Gaila Maganas upon their return to Eisenstadt after finding the "first piece" that she had prophesied. Xorrin controlled what he called a Dark Treant, a great, rotting oak tree that tore the front entrance to Gaila's mansion open. Upon arrival of the city guard, the Whelps attempted to defeat Xorrin, only to discover that he had escaped with Gaila, who was somehow under his influence, and had taken her to the Manslayer.