Chapter 6: Magic
Other Magic

Mystic Spells

0-Level (Cantrips)

Name School Description Location
Chill/Warmth Transmutation Slowly raises or lowers temperature RR58
Create Water Conjuration (Creation) Creates 2 gallons/level of pure water PHB189
Detect Magic Universal Detects spells and magic items within 60 ft. PHB193
Disrupt Undead Necromancy Deal's 1d5 damage to one undead PHB197
Dowsing Divination Locates nearby sources of potable water RR69
Guidance Divination +1 on one roll, save or check PHB211-2
Quick Sober Transmutation Cures the target of alchoholic influences RR99
Read Magic Universal Read scrolls and spellbooks PHB243
Resistance Abjuration Subject gains +1 on saving throws PHB245-6


Name School Description Location
Alarm Abjuration Wards an area for 2 hours/level PHB172
Bless Water Transmutation Makes holy water PHB180
Burial Blessing Abjuration Prevents a corpse from rising as undead DoF83
Calm Animals Enchantment (Compulsion) Calms 2d4+1/level HD of animals, beasts and magical beasts PHB182
Comprehend Languages Divination Understand all spoken and written languages PHB186
Deathwatch Necromancy Sees how wounded subject within 30 ft are PHB191
Detect Crossroads Divination Detect fey crossroads within 60 ft MoF88-9
Detect Undead Divination Reveals undead within 60 ft. PHB194
Faith Healing Conjuration (Healing) Cures 8 +1/level damage (max +5) to worshiper of your patron MoF93
Gaze of Truth Divination Detects mind-controlling enchantments and illusions RR75-6
Handfire Evocation Your hand glows and can make a touch attack dealing 1d4+1/level, more against undead MoF98
Hold Portal Abjuration Holds door shut PHB214
Know Protections Divination Determine target's defenses MoF104
Low-Light Vision Transmutation See twice as far under current light MoF106
Madriel's Empathic Resonance Enchantment (Compulsion) The subject experiences the emotions of those whom he wrongs RR90-1
Minor Symbol of Divinity Abjuration Creates minor magical protections within a small area RR93
Protection from Chaos Abjuration +2 AC and saves, counter mind control, hedge out elementals and outsiders PHB240
Remove Fear Abjuration +4 on saves against fear for one subject +1/four levels PHB245
Rosemantle Abjuration Soft light gives subject +1/level (max +10) to saves against pain, nausea and fear spells; delay poison MoF114
Sanctuary Abjuration Opponents can't attack you, and you can't attack. PHB247

Name School Description Location
Aid Enchantment (Compulsion) +1 attack, +1 on saves against fear, 1d8 temporary hit points PHB172
Augury Divination Learns whether an actions will be good or bad PHB177
Bane Enchantment (Compulsion) Enemies suffer -1 attack, -1 on saves against fear PHB177
Bless Enchantment (Compulsion) Allies gain +1 attack, +1 on saves against fear. PHB180
Calm Emotions Enchantment (Compulsion) Calms 1d6 subjects/level, negating emotion effects PHB182
Consecrate Evocation Fills area with positive energy, making undead weaker PHB187
Dead Man's Eyes Divination View the last minutes of a corpse's life from its view RR64-5
Eagle's Splendor Transmutation Subject gains 1d4+1 Cha for 1 hr/level FR68-9
Identify Divination Determines single feature of magic item PHB216
Invisibility to Undead Abjuration Undead can't peerceive one subject/level PHB218
Levitate Transmutation Subject moves up and down at your direction PHB222
Magic Circle against Evil Abjuration As protection spells, but 10-ft radius and 10 min/level PHB223
Owl's Wisdom Transmutation Subject gains 1d4+1+1 Wis for 1 hr/level TaB94
Rend the Sovereign Soul Enchantment (Compulsion) Weakens victim's Will to resist RR100
Scare Necromancy Panics creatures up to 5 HD (15 ft radius) PHB247
Shroud of Undeath Necromancy Negative energy shroud makes undead perceive you as undead MoF117
Silence Illusion (Glamer) Negates sound in 15-ft radius PHB252
Speak with Dead Necromancy Corpse answers one question/two levels PHB254
Spell Shield Abjuration Target gains +3 resistance on saving throws against spells and spell-like abilities MoF122
Zone of Truth Enchantment (Compulsion) Subjects within range cannot lie PHB274

Name School Description Location
Analyze Portal Divination Detects and analyzes portals within 60 ft. FR66-7
Arcane Sight Divination Magical auras become visible to you TaB85-6
Dimensional Anchor Abjuration Bars extradimensional movement PHB195
Divination Divination Provides useful advice for specific proposed actions PHB197
Doom Enchantment (Compulsion) One subject suffers -2 on attacks, damage, saves and checks PHB198
Emotion Enchantment (Compulsion) Arouses strong emotion in subject PHB199
Halt Undead Necromancy Immobilizes undead for 1 round/level PHB212
Leomund's Tiny Hut Evocation Creatures shelter for 10 creatures PHB220-1
Lesser Geas Enchantment (Compulsion) Commands subject of 7 HD or less PHB221
Negative Energy Protection Abjuration Subject resists level and ability drains PHB231-2
Remove Curse Abjuration Frees object or person from curse PHB244
Remove Paralysis Conjuration (Healing) Frees one or more creatures from paralysis, hold or slow PHB245
Reveille Necromancy Target dead creature speaks a short sentence about what caused its death MoF113