Chapter 6: Magic
          Magic in Feyworld is drastically different from magic in other D20 campaign settings. Each type of caster is covered in this section, along with accompanying spell lists and new spells peculiar to the Feyworld setting.
          Magic is a powerful force in Feyworld, but it does not affect the everyday life of most people as it does in many Dungeons & Dragons campaign settings. The ability to wield magic is available only to a select few, typically due to peculiarities of birth. Only about 1 in 100 people are capable of channeling magical energies of any sort and many of those never receive the training necessary to fully develop their powers. Of those who do receive training, around 15% are able to use Arcane magic, 35% are able to use Divine magic, 40% are able to use Bardic magic, or Spellsongs and only 5% are able to use Sorcery. The remaining 5% are able to channel magic in ways mysterious even to those who study such things, but include practitioners of Witchcraft as well as those who spontaneously display powers without any obvious tutelage. Furthermore, many societies otherwise considered barbaric seem to be able to tap into a form of Divine magic referred to as Druidic magic. Each is covered in turn in this chapter.