Ability Scores
     Prestige Classes

  Chapter 5: Characters
          The basics of character creation are the same in Feyworld as they are in the standard D20 system, but there are many differences between Feyworld PCs and those found in a standard Dungeons & Dragons campaign. Each part of the character creation system has been modified to fit the peculiarities of Feyworld, from ability scores to equipment. The basic changes in character creation are touched on here, while further detail can be found in Chapter 6: Magic and Chapter 4: Religion. This chapter focuses on ability scores, races, classes, feats, skills and equipment.

Creating a Character

          1) Determine Ability Scores
          Roll 4D6 and add the three best rolls on the dice, dropping the lowest roll. Do this seven times, writing down the results of each roll. In another column, roll seven more scores in the same fashion. Next, determine the ability modifiers for each ability score and add them together for each column. If the sum of the ability modifiers for either column is zero or less, reroll that column. Once you have two viable columns of ability scores, select which column suits your concept the best and place your ability scores appropriately.
          2) Select Class
          3) Select Feats
          4) Select Skills
          5) Choose starting spells/domains
          6) Starting money
          7) Luck
          8) History
          9) Final details