Places of Worship
     Deital Powers

  Chapter 4: Religion
Name Domains Favored Weapon Spontaneous Spell
Abaris (f) Magic, Divination, Knowledge, Planar Quarterstaff Wieldskill
Adrasteia (f) Water, Travel, Nature, Hearth Quarterstaff Create Water
Alcina (f) Fire, Light, Weather, Destruction Whip Handfire
Alcyoneus Earth, Healing, Luck, Glory Dagger Limbs of Endurance
Alecto (f) Fire, Death, War, Hatred Whip Spirit Worm
Amphitritus Air, Knowledge, Mind, Mercantilism Dagger Locate Object
Aridnus Air, Knowledge, Travel, Judgment Warhammer Augury
Baelthor Law, Earth, Mind, Protection, Judgement Battleaxe Shockwave Strike
Bellona (f) Earth, Creation, Luck, Mercantilism Longsword Wieldskill
Betshaba (f) Chaos, Water, Healing, Travel, Exorcism Longsword Cause Fear
Britomaris Earth, Darkness, Luck, Trickery Shortsword Silence
Cardena (f) Earth, Luck, Madness, Trickery Whip Charm Person
Cebren Water, Knowledge, Travel, Messenger None Sanctuary
Clementia (f) Water, Healing, Protection, Mysticism None Calm Emotions
Cottus Air, Light, Weather, Destruction Whip Lesser Electric Orb
Cthos Law, Death, Judgment, Planar Battleaxe Dead Man's Eyes
Dagon Chaos, Fire, Darkness, Mind, Destruction, Hatred Trident Cause Fear
Drames Chaos, Nature, Hearth, Mysticism Flail Minor Symbol of Divinity
Empusa (f) Water, Death, Destruction, Pestilence Dagger Sethris' Potency
Enosigaois Earth, Darkness, Mind, Hatred, Trickery Warhammer Summon Monster I
Epimetheus Water, Death, Weather, Destruction Net Inflict Moderate Wounds
Erato (f) Chaos, Luck, Glory, Madness Shortbow Zone of Truth
Evander Earth, Divination, Protection, Judgment Longbow Augury
Faunaros Earth, Luck, Nature, Trickery Longbow Invisibility to Animals
Fides Law, Divination, Protection, Judgment Shield Prevarication's Bounty
Fraus Water, Divination, Nature, Hatred Morningstar Negative Energy Ray
Furinus Chaos, Luck, Nature, Madness Morningstar Curse of the Beast
Galea (f) Air, Knowledge, Luck, Glory Longsword Remove Fear
Gyges Earth, Darkness, Messenger, Weather Mace Cause Fear
Himere Creation, Healing, Glory, Mysticism None Rosemantle
Hypnos (f) Chaos, Mind, Madness, Mysticism Quarterstaff Silent Image
Innus Earth, Light, Protection, Hearth Longsword Sanctuary
Kratos Fire, Travel, War, Glory Two-handed sword Battlecry
Ladon Law, Creation, Travel, Hearth Warhammer Endurance
Laestrygones Healing, Luck, Glory, Time None Cure Light Wounds
Luna (f) Darkness, Light, Madness, Mysticism Scimitar Shade's Sight
Maelphegor Air, Mind, Weather, Hatred, Madness Whip Cold Snap
Majestas (f) Air, Law, Divination, Knowledge Warhammer Prevarication's Bounty
Mania (f) Air, Mind, Madness, Trickery Mancatcher Rend the Sovereign Soul
Megarea Air, Luck, Hatred, Trickery Dagger Blindness
Meliboea Law, Knowledge, Protection, Judgment Warhammer Madriel's Empathic Resonance
Melpomene Air, Divination, Weather, Messenger Mace Obscuring Mist
Minos Creation, Travel, Mercantilism, Messenger Longsword Comprehend Languages
Mormo Earth, Darkness, Protection, Trickery Dagger Change Self
Mulciber Earth, Fire, Creation, Hearth Warhammer Endure Elements
Nelestrix (f) Air, Nature, Messenger, Pestilence Dagger Animal Spy
Ophion Fire, Light, Mysticism, Planar Flail Continual Flame
Orchus Chaos, Luck, Glory, Trickery Shortsword Tanil's Touch
Orestea Water, Healing, Weather, Mysticism Morningstar Endure Elements
Orthus Water, Death, Weather, Madness Mace Master Air
Paelemona (f) Air, Divination, Planar, Time None True Strike
Pavor Divination, Travel, Messenger, Planar Shortsword Mount
Pelactere (f) Air, War, Destruction, Hatred Longsword Death Knell
Phemos Chaos, Luck, Protection, Glory Spear Launch Item
Phlegethon Earth, Mind, War, Glory Warhammer Rend the Sovereign Soul
Picus Air, Divination, Messenger, Madness Dagger Animal Messenger
Podalirius Water, Nature, Weather, Hearth Flail Entangle
Podarge Water, Death, Weather, Destruction Mace Inflict Moderate Wounds
Polydorus Earth, Luck, Nature, Madness Longsword Smell of Fear
Pothos Fire, Luck, Madness, Trickery Dagger Charm Person
Ptharos Air, Law, Creation, Knowledge, Judgment, Time None Comprehend Languages
Ruminus Fire, Death, Messenger, Pestilence Dagger Grim Feast
Sarpedon Law, Protection, Travel, Messenger Shield Shield Other
Selene (f) Water, Creation, Mind, Glory None Hypnotism
Stheno Water, Knowledge, Hatred, Pestilence None Grim Feast
Taltos Water, Death, Travel, Destruction, Hatred Whip Cause Fear
Taygete (f) Divination, Healing, Protection, Mysticism None Remove Fear
Tempus Air, Divination, Mysticism, Time None Gentle Repose
Terpsichore (f) Air, Divination, Knowledge, Mysticism Quarterstaff Comprehend Languages
Tethys (f) Fire, Darkness, Madness, Pestilence Mace Summon Undead I
Thalia (f) Fire, Divination, Hearth, Judgment None Sanctuary
Thallos Chaos, Healing, Protection, Glory Two-handed sword Limbs of Endurance
Thanatos Fire, Darkness, Protection, Planar Mace Darkness
Thea (f) Water, Creation, Luck, Madness Quarterstaff Cure Minor Wounds
Themis Air, Luck, Protection, Trickery Dagger Spider Climb
Thryope (f) Earth, Death, Pestilence, Time Quarterstaff Ray of Enfeeblement
Tisiphone (f) Water, War, Judgment, Hatred Longsword Assassin's Senses
Veritas (f) Law, Divination, Protection, Hearth None Sanctuary
Virtus Earth, Luck, War, Glory Longsword Remove Fear
Vitulus Law, Creation, Mercantilism, Time Mace Wieldskill
Vortumnus Law, War, Exorcism, Glory Longsword True Strike
Zelos Air, Knowledge, Protection, Judgment Mace Unseen Servant
Zephyrus Chaos, Darkness, Hatred, Madness Whip Cause Fear