Places of Worship
     Deital Powers

  Chapter 4: Religion

          The Gods of Feyworld are varied in the extreme, and assume, as their sphere of influence, almost every aspect of human existence. It should be noted that these are the deities worshipped by the majority of the humans of Feyworld, and is not a definitive listing.
          Some of the deities have entries that explain them much further. Those that do not are very much still in the works.

Abaris (f) -- Goddess of Magic
Adrasteia (f) -- Goddess of Rivers and Streams
Alcina (f) -- Goddess of Drought
Alcyoneus -- God of Youth
Alecto (f) -- Goddess of Pain
Amphitritus -- God of Greed
Aridnus -- God of Judgment
Baelthor -- God of Earth (good)
Bellona (f) -- Goddess of Wealth
Betshaba (f) -- Goddess of Water (good)
Britomaris (f) -- Goddess of Thievery
Cardena (f) -- Goddess of Lust
Cebren -- God of Music
Clementia (f) -- Goddess of Mercy
Cottus -- God of Lightning
Cthos -- God of the Underworld
Dagon -- God of Evil and Fire
Drames -- Goddess of Fertility
Empusa (f) -- Goddess of Poison
Enosigaois -- God of Earth (Evil)
Epimetheus -- God Floods
Erato (f) -- Goddess of Love
Evander -- God of Gates
Faunaros -- God of Hunting
Fides -- God of Oaths
Fraus -- God of Ice
Furinus -- God of Wine
Galea (f) -- Goddess of Victory
Gyges -- God of Thunder
Himere (f) -- Goddess of Poetry
Hypnos (f) -- Goddess of Dreams
Innus -- God of Friendship
Kratos -- God of War
Ladon -- God of Work
Laestrygones -- God of Health
Luna (f) -- Goddess of the Moon
Maelphegor -- God of Air (evil)
Majestas (f) -- Goddess of Law
Mania (f) -- Goddess of Madness
Megarea -- God of Jealousy
Meliboea (f)-- Goddess of Justice
Melpomene (f) -- Goddess of Clouds
Minos -- God of Commerce
Mormo -- God of Deception
Mulciber -- God of the Forge
Nelestrix (f) -- Goddess of Insects
Ophion -- God of the Sun
Orchus -- God of Luck
Orestea (f) -- Goddess of Rain
Orthus -- God of Storms
Paelemona (f) -- Goddess of Fate
Pavor -- God of Travel
Pelactere (f) -- Goddess of Anger
Phemos -- God of Sport
Phlegethon -- God of Tyranny
Picus -- God of Avians
Podalirius -- God of Vegetation
Podarge -- God of Destruction, Drowning
Polydorus -- God of Wild Beasts
Pothos -- God of Vice
Ptharos -- God of Air, Good
Ruminus -- God of Disease
Sarpedon -- God of Guardians
Selene (f) -- Goddess of Beauty
Stheno -- God of Decay
Taltos -- God of Water (evil)
Taygete (f) -- Goddess of Childbirth
Tempus -- God of Time
Terpsichore (f) -- Goddess of Language
Tethys (f) -- Goddess of Undeath
Thalia (f) -- Goddess of the Hearth
Thallos -- God of Strength
Thanatos -- God of Darkness
Thea (f) -- Goddess of Art
Themis -- God of Mischief
Thryope -- God of Age
Tisiphone (f) -- Goddess of Vengeance
Veritas (f) -- Goddess of Marriage
Virtus -- God of Courage
Vitulus -- God of Cities
Vortumnus -- God of Chivalry
Zelos -- God of the State
Zephyrus -- God of Nightmares

Geneaology of the Gods

The Triad
Ptharos, God of Air
Betshaba, Goddess of Water
Baelthor, God of Earth

Ptarian Deities
Aridnus, God of Judgement
Galea, Goddess of Victory
Majestas, Goddess of Law
Paelemona, Goddess of Fate
Tempus, Lord of Time
Terpsichore, Goddess of Language
Zelos, God of the State

Baelthoric Deities
Alcyoneus, God of Youth
Evander, Guardian of the Gates
Faunaros, God of Hunting
Gyges, God of Thunder
Innus, God of Friendship
Mulciber, God of the Forge
Virtus, God of Courage

Betshaban Deities
Adrasteia, Goddess of Rivers
Cebren, God of Music
Clementia, Goddess of Mercy
Orestea, Goddess of Rain
Podalirius, God of Vegetation
Selene, Goddess of Beauty
Thea, Goddess of Art

Dagon, God of Fire

The Inimicures
Enosigaois, God of Earth
Maelphegor, God of Air
Taltos, God of Water

Dagonian Deities
Alcina, God of Drought
Alecto, Goddess of Pain
Kratos, God of War
Pothos, God of Vices
Ruminus, God of Disease
Tethys, Goddess of the Undead
Thanatos, God of Darkness

Enosian Deities
Bellona, Goddess of Wealth
Britomaris, Goddess of Thieves
Cardena, God of Lust
Mormo, God of Deception
Phlegethon, God of Tyranny
Polydorus, Lord of the Wild Beasts
Thryope, God of Age and Infirmity

Maelphegorian Deities
Amphitritus, God of Greed
Cottus, Lord of Lightning
Mania, Goddess of Madness
Megarea, Goddess of Jealousy
Nelestrix, the Insect Queen
Pelactere, Goddess of Rage
Themis, God of Mischief

Taltosian Deities
Empusa, Goddess of Poison
Epimetheus, God of Floods
Fraus, the Icedweller
Orthus, the Stormrider
Podarge, God of Destruction and Drowning
Stheno, God of Decay
Tisiphone, Goddess of Vengeance


Abaris, Goddess of Magic < Aridnus, God of Judgement + Terpsichore, Goddess of Language (wed)
Cthos, God of the Underworld < Aridnus, God of Judgement + Tethys, Goddess of Undeath (wed)
Drames, Goddess of Fertility < Selene, Goddess of Beauty + Podalirius, God of Vegetation (wed)
Fides, God of Oaths < Majestas, Goddess of Law + Innus, God of Friendship
Furinus, God of Wines < Cebren, God of Music + Mania, Goddess of Magic (trick)
Erato, God of Love< Selene, Goddess of Beauty + Kratos, God of War
Himere, Goddess of Poetry < Cebren, God of Music + Thea, Goddess of Art (wed)
Hypnos, Goddess of Dreams < Furinus, God of Wine + Melpomene, Goddess of the Clouds (trick)
Ladon, God of Work< Thalia, Goddess of the Hearth + Zelos, God of the State
Laestrygones, God of Health < Clementia, Goddess of Mercy + Alcyoneus, God of Youth
Luna, Goddess of the Moon < Ptharos, God of Air + Mania, Goddess of Madness (trick)
Meliboea, Goddess of Justice < Zelos, God of the State + Majestas, Goddess of Law (wed)
Melpomene, Goddess of the Clouds < Gyges, God of Thunder + Orestea, Goddess of Rain (rape)
Minos, God of Commerce < Pavor, God of Travel + Bellona, Goddess of Goddess of Wealth
Ophion, God of the Sun < Alcina, Goddess of Drought + Evander, God of Gates (trick)
Orchus, God of Luck < Mormo, God of Deception + Clementia, Goddess of Mercy (trick)
Pavor, God of Travel < Virtus, God of Courage + Adrasteia, Goddess of Rivers (wed)
Phemos, God of Sport < Alcyoneus, God of Youth + Thea, Goddess of Art
Picus, God of Birds < Melpomene, Goddess of the Clouds + Maelphegor, God of Air (rape)
Sarpedon, God of Guardians < Evander, God of Gates + Majestas, Goddess of Law (wed)
Taygete, Goddess of Childbirth < Zelos, God of the State + Drames, Goddess of Fertility
Thalia, Goddess of the Hearth < Clementia, Goddess of Mercy + Zelos, God of the State
Thallos, God of Strength < Pelactere, Goddess of Rage + Virtus, God of Courage (trick)
Veritas, Goddess of Marriage < Majestas, Goddess of Law + Laestrygones, God of Health (adul)
Vitulus, God of Cities < Terpsichore, Goddess of Language + Zelos, God of the State
Vortumnus, God of Honor < Fides, God of Oaths + Meliboea, Goddess of Justice (wed)
Zephyrus, God of Nightmares < Thanatos, God of Darkness + Mania, Goddess of Madness

Deific Associations

The Dukes of Mystery
Deity Aspect (if any) School
Faunaros, God of Hunting Bidari the Warmaster Evocation
Melpomene, Goddess of Clouds Jomaera the Ever-Changing Transmutation
Mormo, God of Deception Myphestar Illusion
Paelemona, Goddess of Fate Scalla, the Spider-Queen Divination
Pavor, God of Travel Pavari Longshanks Conjuration
Sarpedon, God of Guardians Saard Abjuration
Selene, Goddess of Beauty Alera the Alluring Enchantment
Tethys, Goddess of Undeath The Crone Necromancy

The Seasonal Gods
Deity Season
Alcyoneus, God of Youth Spring
Ophion, God of the Sun Summer
Podalirius, God of Vegetation Autumn
Tempus, God of Time Winter

The Celestial Council
Abaris, Goddess of Magic Himere, Goddess of Poetry
Aridnus, God of Judgment Kratos, God of War
Cthos, God of the Underworld Ophion, God of the Sun
Fides, God of Oaths