The Age of Gods
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  Chapter 1: History of Feyworld
Timeline of History

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Age of the Gods (before 6626 B.I.)

Imperial Year Aebasan Year Event
8526 B.I. 1901 B.A. Kalazar, first Dwarven nation, founded
7957 1332 The Earth-War; Dwarves fight over supremacy of Enosigaois (referred to by them as Enos) and Baelthor (Balthor to the dwarves) as patron deity.
7520 895 The Earth-War ends, with Balthor's followers as victors. The civil war, however, has taken its toll on the Dwarven population.

The First Age of Mankind (6626 B.I. to c. 4100 B.I.)
Imperial Year Aebasan Year Event
6626 1 A.C. Beginning of 1st Age of Mankind
6072 554 War with Orcs forces dwarves from their homeland into the mountains and underground caves of Galoria.
5707 919 Danu and her disciples discover the secret of Immortality and being their search for a culture to share it with
5619 1007 1st Age of Elvenkind; Danu and her disciples find the Elves, and teach them the secret; by this time, worship of Danu has spread amongst the humans
4726 1900 Dwarves return to their above-ground homeland, only to discover it ruled by humans. The War of the Sun begins.
4650 1976 Dwarves pushed back into mountain homes by humans during War of the Sun, and the main thrust of the Dwarven attack is repulsed. Dwarves still make periodic raids on human settlements, but never again truly threaten human civilization.
c. 4100 c. 2500 End of 1st Age of Mankind

The First Interannum (c. 4100 B.I. to 2210 B.I.)
Imperial Year Aebasan Year Event
2752 3874 Ogma becomes ruler of the Tuatha as Danu steps down

The Second Age of Mankind (2210 B.I. to 1798 B.I.)
Imperial Year Aebasan Year Event
2210 4416 2nd Age of Mankind; Math Mathonwy withdraws from the Tuatha
2150 4476 Peace between Dwarves and Humans founded at Gundagor
1798 4828 End of 2nd Age of Mankind; Cuchulainn defeats Math

The Second Interannum (1798 B.I. to 631 B.I.)
Imperial Year Aebasan Year Event
1620 5006 The Dagda becomes ruler of the Tuatha as Ogma steps down
1527 5099 Goblet of Gundagor stolen, peace between humans and dwarves is shattered.
1520 5106 Nuada becomes ruler of the Tuatha after the Dagda disappears
1008 5618 Bres, a half giant, elected ruler of the Tuatha after Nuada loses his arm in combat and is judged unfit to rule
989 5637 Bres ousted by Nuada, who has been healed by Macht
750 5876 End of the 1st Age of Elvenkind; the Dagda returns to the Tuatha. After a brief meeting with Nuada, the latter orders the Tuatha to retire to the Otherworld.

The Third Age of Mankind (631 B.I. to XXXX I.C.)
Imperial Year Aebasan Year Event
631 5995
  • 3rd Age of Mankind; Zeth founded, Rise of the Empire of Balguran
1 I.C. 6626
  • Octavius of House Zetar voted Emperor of Zeth
312 6937
  • First Succession War in Empire begins with the death of Emperor Antigonus Gabinius.
318 6945
  • Antipater Varro becomes first Elected Emperor since Octavius.
321 6948
  • Imperial forces defeat the last of the pretenders to the Imperial throne, ending the First Succession War.
371 6998
  • Ditis Carnifex Gabinius murders ruling Emperor, ending the Time of Elected Emperors and starting the Second Succession War.
376 7003
  • Octavius Augustus Zetar defeats Vitellis Gabinius, last of the pretenders, ending the Second Succession War.
c. 431 c. 7058
  • The Empire of Balguran crumbles; Adanar is founded by King Falgran
715 7342
  • Simon of Gaut, a mercenary, is exiled from the Kingdom of Dregnost and uses his army to found Nadera.
823 7450
  • A shipping accident sinks a Lagorkan merchant vessel belonging to the Vazdid family in Nadera, sparking the War of Flame.
830 7457
  • The War of Flame ends with the capture of the Naderan King; The Vazdid Occupation begins in Nadera. The Saphracine Watch is founded to guard Vazdid interests there.
c. 973 c. 7600
  • After a crippling merchant war at home in Lagorka, the Vazdids leave Nadera, which is subsequently plundered by Vazdid's enemies.
980 7607
  • The Gray Lord of Thet is defeated in the Battle of Bloodrust in Adanar by King Ilyard of Haleland
989 7616
  • By this time, Queen Aishah "the Bloody" Izuel has taken effective control of Nadera.
1002 7629
  • Death without issue of Emperor Orestes Sergius results in Third Succession War.
1028 7655
  • Queen Zebba of Nadera expands the powers of the Saphracine Watch to include spying upon and enforcing the Royal Will on the nobility.
1029 7656
  • Gaius Aurelius Zetar defeats Manius Acilius Drusus, ending the Third Succession War.
1033 7660
  • The Fell King of Thet marches against Adanar, starting the Long War
1053 7680
  • With the death of Queen Zebba in Nadera and the subsequent assassination of her successor by the Saphracine Watch, the Succession War begins.
1073 7700
  • The Naderan Royal Code ends the Succession War, establishing the Council of Princes.
1108 7735
  • The bloody War of Eagles begins in Adanar with the death of King Galen Tolgran without heir
1129 7756
  • King Valmaar Vercimanon is victorious in the War of Eagles in Adanar, but the power of the crown is crushed; as a result, the Council of Lords is founded and gains the power to make laws
c. 1155 c. 7782
  • King Myrsus Varuna of Nadera, elected to his position by the Council of Princes, mandates that the Saphracine Watch be used to spy on its neighbors, instead of dealing with internal dissention.
1210 7837
  • Koramia is reunified under King William Greysword I.
1247 7874
  • Kor'dal becomes Great Khan of the orcs of Tazgrat and begins to march his armies towards the Mabean Marches.
1248 7875
  • In the Mabean Marches, an orcish horde led by the Khan Kor'dal takes the Twin Towers. Peace is established between the Empire and Powys and an alliance is formed against the orcish horde. Imperial law is re-written to allow the existence of Allied States.
  • Lucasa becomes Mageking of Lun Dorak.
1249 7876
  • As Lucius, Mageking Lucasa secretly becomes advisor to Emperor Publius Antonius of House Zetar.
  • Kor'dal is defeated by a combined Imperial and Powean army in the Battle of Two Kings in the Mabean Marches. His horde quickly disperses, but continues to trouble the Marches.
1250 7877
  • The Goblet of Gundagor is discovered in Koramia and returned to the dwarves under the Divian Mountains; end of the 2nd War of the Sun. Baron Algernon Marn of Koramia becomes first human ambassador to the dwarves in millennia.
  • The Imperial fleet sets sail for Koramia in planned surprise attack on the nation.  Later that year, William Greysword I, First King of Koramia, returns to lead his country against the Imperial invasion.
  • The dwarves of the Janos Mountains, having heard about the return of the Goblet of Gundagore, arrive in Adanar to establish trade relations with humans. The Adan, having never ever heard of the Goblet, are confused, but eagerly begin trading with the metal-rich dwarves.
1251 7878
  • The assembled Imperial army, allied with Illyria and Cambrecia, attacks Koramia. By the end of the season, Illyria betrays the Empire and allies Koramia, who grants her independence. An orcish army, led by a former prisoner of Illyria known as Gar'dun, joins Koramian effort.  Later that year, Civil war erupts in Illyria between those loyal to the crown and those who support the Empire.
  • In the Dragonlands, the Order of the Brilliant Lance, the Dragonknights, are reformed.  Later in the year, Imperial forces are dealt harsh defeat at the First Battle of Paeldain in Koramia when the Glorious Galley, of Vortumnian legend, appears with a Dragonknight at the helm.
  • In Lun Dorak, the Mageking Lucasa discovers the Magesword.
  • Near Webwood Forest, Math Mathowny, villain of the Tuatha de Dannan, is slain by Cuchulain.
  • King Rudolf III Vercimanon of Adanar gives up his eastern border with Thet to the newly arrived dwarven traders there, founding the nation of Valduran.
1252 7879
  • The only son of Emperor Publius Antonius dies.  The Emperor's closest advisor, Lucius, is named heir. Lucius, now of House Zetar, leads the armies in Koramia and succeeds in taking Paeldain. King William Greysword I and his family are slain defending Paeldain. The Greysword's son-in-law, Gawyn Asheva, is crowned King and flees to a hidden stronghold in the Divian Mountains.  Late in the year, the Emperor of Zeth dies and is succeeded by Lucius, who reveals himself to be the Mageking, Lucasa of Lun Dorak. The Imperial capital is moved to the Sapphire City in Lun Dorak.
  • In Adanar, the dwarves of the Janos mountains open an embassy and begin trade negotiations with humans in the region.
1253 7880
  • Gar'dun becomes Great Khan, uniting the orcish tribes of Vor Midal and attacks Lun Dorak.
  • With the assistance of Gar'dun, the Dragonknights attack the Sapphire City and defeat the ailing Mageking, who soon dies of an unknown illness. Without its Mageking, the Dorakian Empire immediately crumbles.
1254 7881
  • The Imperial Governor of the Mabean Marches dies and civil war erupts between loyalists to the Empire and local forces. By the end of the year, Tancorix, a Mabean member of the Imperial forces in the Mabean Marches, betrays and defeats Imperial forces. He is crowned King of Donnegal by the druids of Powys. Powys breaks its alliance with the Empire and allies with Donnegal.
1255 7882
  • Dracia declares independence from the Empire and Vladimir Vtalasav is crowned King.
  • King Clovar V Tuepierre declares independence from the Empire and officially converts to the Koramian Heresy, wherein Vortumnus is viewed as King of the Gods. Civil war immediately erupts.
1256 7883
  • Mitaria is attacked by an armada of Danish warships. Instead of merely raiding, the Danish barbarians begin building forts and seem intent on taking the country. Mitaria requests assistance from the Empire.  Still without an Emperor, the Empire sends no troops to Mitaria to defend it from the Danes. King Tostig of the Danelands arrives in Mitaria to lead the invasion.
1257 7884
  • With most of the Imperial troops in Mitaria defeated, King Tostig names his son, Aelfric, King of Mitaria and returns to the Danelands.
1258 7885
1259 7886
  • King Clovar V Tuepierre of Narbonne is slain in battle and his son, Dagaric, is crowned King by the Bishop of Grischamp. By the end of the season, Dagaric has quelled most of the fighting in the nation with the assistance of the Order of the Red Band, an order of Koramian Paladins.
1261 7888
  • The Crimson Plague strikes in Lagorka and quickly spreads along trade routes northward.  By the end of the year, the Plague has reached Aebasa, despite sometimes militant attempts to curb its spread.
1262 7889
  • The Crimson Plague strikes in Neptaris, likely brought by traders from the east.  From Neptaris, the Plague spreads quickly to Koramia, Tamerynd and Zeth.
  • The Fourth Succession war grinds to a stalemate as the Crimson Plague takes several prominent leaders and decimates the population.
  • The Danish barbarians of Mitaria march on Narbonne.

The Third Interannum (XXXX I.C. to 1312 I.C.)
Imperial Year Aebasan Year Event
1312 7939
  • Present Day